The little cardamom is cultivated in India and Sri Lanka. The cardamom tree also flowers first and later on it grows in the form of shrubs.

History And Benefits of Cardamom:

The small or green cardamom is aromatic and makes our food more appealing and delicious. In ancient times the Egyptians used to lick it to remove the smell of the mouth, and it is still used today to remove the smell of the mouth. Green cardamom also has a place in medicine and is used in medicine for various diseases. The oil obtained from its seeds is also very useful.

Used In Food:

In addition, it is used in both our foods, whether it is sweet or salty. Because of its unique aroma, women use it in their every meal, however it is medically useful and has a good effect on our health. The effects of using it have a good effect on our mind too.



Medical benefits of small or green cardamom:

  • It is helpful in relieving the odor of the mouth and inhaling the breath.
  • This system eliminates the drawbacks of the system.
  • Green cardamom relieves stomach disorders.
  • Its use is useful in indigestion.
  • Its use is beneficial in the Ariyah.
  • It removes nausea. Also prevents vomiting.
  • It is useful in rashes and heartburn.
  • The use of small cardamom relaxes our nerves.
  • It is used to prevent phlegm from being used.
  •  It is beneficial in cough and colds.
  • If it is used for tea, it is useful to use it in tea.
  • It also helps us to burn fat.
  • A few drops of cardamom oil is put in water and then the fatigue is relieved.

The use of cardamom does not cause mental disturbance.
It is also useful in respiratory diseases.

Improving digestion:

Green cardamom naturally improves the digestion, keeping it up to a minute. The use of cardamom is very useful in the inflammation of the intestines, while in the case of heartburn, nausea, it is also oxidative. Cardamom is naturally capable of fighting acids. In addition to these properties, green cardamom has been used in traditional medicine for centuries to improve digestion. In case of diarrhea, two to three green cardamom seeds’ small pieces of ginger and coriander should be well grilled and used with warm water. In the case of indigestion, adding a few grains of cardamom to green tea and using it will relieve indigestion.


The good news for those who are frustrated with using all medicines to eliminate breath and mouth odor is that using green cardamom and germicidal spice will not only eliminate the odor of the breath but will also make the breathing pleasant. The method of using it is very easy to chew a few grains of green cardamom after eating, or to use cardamom in tea in the morning.



Getting rid of  Acidity:

Green cardamom is also very useful for getting rid of acids. If you suffer from hunger, acidity, nausea, then Green Cardamom will help you to get rid of all these diseases. Using cardamom oil eliminates appetite, nausea and acidity complaints.


Benefits of Cardamom in  Respiratory Diseases:

Green cardamom is also a tried drug in asthma, cold and cough problems. The use of green cardamom has long been used to address mucus secretion, chest irritation and respiratory problems in traditional medicine. In case of colds, coughs and phlegm complaints, heat the water in a pot, add green cardamom to it and steam it and if possible add a little cardamom oil to the pot. will give.


Blood pressure and heart diseases:

Potassium, green, and magnesium in cardamom, along with green cardamom, improves blood flow and reduces cardiovascular disease. Including cardamom in daily meals is very useful for heart health, while the use of tea and cardamom is helpful in controlling blood pressure

Green Cardamom
Green Cardamom

Deficiency of blood:

In addition, green cardamom is also helpful in dealing with anemia. The copper, iron, riboflavin, vitamin C and other vitamins increase the production of red blood cells. Using a pinch of cardamom powder and turmeric in a glass of warm milk can help reduce anemia.

Strength defense against toxic substances:

Cardamom contains a large part of the mineral manganese, which is capable of fighting the toxins in the body. In addition, the strong tank contained in cardamom also increases sexual strength.

Cardamom plant
Cardamom plant

The cardamom of the State of Mysore is excellent. Functions This medicine is a palatal, aromatic, and a palatal drug. Benefits of Cardamom Microscope Cardamom powder, Mustard Rumi and Tabasheer Weight and prepare fine safflower and morning and evening teeth will shine like beads.
The little cardamom plays an important role in the preparation of food, especially dessert due to its aroma and taste. But with the increase in the taste of the food, it is not low in wisdom.

Relieves mouth odor, asthma, cough, hiccups, coughs, and constipation. Eliminates irritation and loss of urine. Has the ability to resolve a stone complaint. Continued use of small cardamom relieves stomach disorders.


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