Like other life-forms, a large number of people belonging to agriculture specialy agriculture graduates are forced to travel to developed countries to test their destiny. It is not possible to deny a few reasons for this migration. There are, however, some fundamental and logical issues in the government’s ignorance and lack of jobs for the agricultural sector. But it has been seen that many men have left or left the country despite having suitable jobs. This is either being misled by others or looking for a better future, or for two reasons. But could the already-arrived gentlemen of these developed countries get what they were looking for? This is a basic question and sadly the answer is no. There are a lot of “jobs” (Jobs) available such as equipment installation, pizza delivery, building security or taxi driving in factories. But was this the future for which these gentlemen left their homes and settled here?


The purpose of this subtext is to publicly highlight the reasons for which a large number of agricultural graduate are unable to obtain suitable employment (in agriculture) in foreign countries.

A Graduate
A Graduate

Why agricultural graduate is unable to obtain suitable employment (in agriculture) in foreign countries?

The purpose of this subtext is not to impose one’s self-esteem, but to highlight the reasons for which a large number of agricultural graduates are unable to obtain suitable employment (in agriculture) in foreign countries. One of the most important and important points is the fact that agriculture is a regional suburb. As in every other field, the basic information of this suburb is not transmitted, but when it comes to expertise, it is not possible for an agricultural expert of a region or a country to be free from the constraints of its location and destiny. ? It is this distinction that distinguishes this field from other sciences. As our agricultural expert does not work at any other place, so an agricultural expert from another area can be useless to us.Is. 

The main difference is that each area has different cultivars, crops, rural livelihoods, agricultural economics, livestock farming and above all the climate variations. In addition, developed countries may require agricultural laborers, but agriculturalists are not lacking. And if there is a wage, then what is wrong with driving a taxi? Regardless of the underlying reason, language is also a major problem. That is, in order to work as an agricultural expert in any country, it is very important to be able to master the tastes of that country.


In any country, it is very important to be an agricultural expert in this country, to master the tastes of that country.

Review your decision once again if you want to leave country.

Stories! The purpose of this subconscious was simply to make you believe that if you are an agricultural graduate and have decided to leave your country in the desire for a better future, review your decision once again. Be fully convinced that this is your own decision and you are not doing so by persuading anyone. In spite of all this, if you are determined to make your decision, be prepared for any situation and do not stop the return route forever. God bless you.


Lastly, there is a submissions made by a valued friend of mine, Iqbal Alawi, who is also a Canadian graduate and an agricultural graduate … Get out. As a result the angels decided to go to heaven or hell to leave them. In return, they said that they wanted to visit both places before making a decision. However, his orders were accepted and he was taken on a tour. Do we see that people in Paradise have houses and houses spread out in miles, and they are resting in them, while in Hell there is a gymnasium of guffers and walks everywhere. They thought that there was a lot of “boredom” in heaven. But here is a lot of fun, and immediately asked for hell. The angels brought them out a little while, the order was called and the door was opened and they were thrown inside. They see that every fire is just fire and screams. They walked and asked the angels what had happened before. The angels replied, “First you beware (visitor) they were immigrants (immigrant) become “


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