After the nuclear bombings of May 28 , 1998 , when the world’s self-imposed economic sanctions on Pakistan imposed economic sanctions, Ar-Pak suffered a strange outbreak. The pockets of Pakistan were almost empty and the rulers who taught people like self-sufficiency and debt-taking country Malik Sanwar were more interested in their own self-sufficiency and debt forgiveness. Even if the defeat does not go unheeded, at least people will fall for two days of bread for a meal. The rapid increase in commodity prices was signifying this fear. Of course, some gentlemen even started to commit suicide by observing the romance of life in their children’s hungry stomachs and eyes .

That some men saw iota life was extinguished and the hungry eyes of his children to suicides also were started .

Effects of atomic bomb on Agriculture
Effects of the atomic bomb on Agriculture

“Is Pakistan really an agricultural country”?

And what with the drought compete with us may also undergo a divine test is that which will offer even though she had been whole. Not only poor but urban agricultural labor or did not have some food stored in the professional farmer who plants only is he up bubble on the situation . And the god of our greatest “kindness” of America was wheat, too – on the other hand All the departments of agriculture were traditionally slow. Problems such as the Kalabagh Dam and water distribution were solved, but issues such as World Trade Organizations, cooperative farming, genetically modified food, environmental pollution also stood (and stand) on the surface. In the language of every soul, the question was “Is Pakistan really an agricultural country”?

Lack of Stability in Agriculture and Importing of Food:

Simple and traditional answer to this question was that since the land 70 is connected percent of the agricultural sector for the course “.This is an agricultural country of bananas to answer satisfied me is God. If this answer is correct If the problem mentioned above is why in the country where 70 % of the people are only producing food , then importing food from outside was not a slap in our mouth. On the other hand, many countries are using 20% ??of their population. And having far less area under us, not only are they self-sufficient in agriculture but also earn a lot of foreign exchange by exporting agricultural produce. Yet he never claimed that the agricultural land.


Effect of Bomb
Effect of Bomb

Appreciating the services of our farmer:

However, with the aforementioned Bahrain, Pakistan dealt with it beautifully. And the way the peasantry of this country has saved the country from complete destruction deserves a tribute. While appreciating the services of our farmer, our people and our people are not even aware of the fact that our aspirants have accomplished that.

Atomic Bomb Of Pakistan
Atomic Bomb Of Pakistan

How Importance of Agriculture is more than Atom Bomb?

Whenever a nation suffers from a situation in which all its well-wishers turn away from it, all the pressure goes towards internal productive factors. In these factors, the agricultural sector is the most important, because even if the people have all the necessities of life, they have to fill the stomach. If it is empty, then the enemy’s conspiracies will easily rise. And their chances of success increase at an alarming rate. Such occasions But the mere availability of food and the proper distribution of food can guarantee the satisfaction of a country and a nation. You have millions of atom bombs, but in the absence of khwak, it becomes almost inevitable to create internal turmoil and panic as the atom bomb probably guarantees your defense but not your stomach. If the country is starving, the World Aid Organization “Food for Oil”, which stands on its head with plans and forces not only a hundred shoes but also hundreds of onions. By doing so they can destroy your missiles and atom bombs in your hands. Russia, Afghanistan and Iraq are now proof of this fact.

Is agricultural sector is our Last Hope?

Almighty Allah has come out of this crisis without getting into any such situation. If anyone saved Pakistan from being completely destroyed in this critical phase, it was our agricultural sector. In this regard, the peasants of Pakistan in particular and the agricultural and civil servants in general and the agriculturalists in general deserve a tribute. Thus, if all political affiliations are to be analyzed above, It was the result of the hard work of all the men who not only perfected the wheat in the wheat but also ran the exporting countries instead of importing wheat to Pakistan. I stood up.

We may now be able to say proudly that we are an agricultural country and have the courage to face any coming and going disaster. All that is needed now is that we sincerely believe that we are an agricultural country and focus on bringing the sector out of orphanage.

Now perhaps we have been able to proudly say that we are an agricultural country and have the courage to face any future domestic and external disasters.

Agricultural Land
Agricultural Land

Importance Of Agriculture over industrialization:

There is also something else to consider. That is, being a country’s agricultural is not a negation of its industrialization; Industries are the only ones that grow their raw materials easily and in large quantities from the local market. We need to focus on exporting finished goods while discouraging export in the raw state of agricultural production. For example, raw materials should be concentrated only on the local industry and export of manufactured cloth, food ie milk, butter, honey, sugar, fruit juice. If this is the case, then this country can stand on its own feet due to agriculture and become a fully agricultural country. Certainly our farmers and agricultural experts are capable of doing this charisma.

If the soil is too moist then the soil is very fertile.


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