If you want, you can see it as a reality. With the help of genetic change, such charisms are occurring every day. But in agriculture so far, it has been linked only to food production, while the other advantages or disadvantages of this method are still hidden. American companies have now begun a new debate about who wants to eat “genetically modified” (GM) food and who fears it. Now the question arises whether the “GM” who wants to eat the food is convinced that the food produced by this method is safe for him and his syurroundings. On the other hand, we have not yet been able to discern which bird is the “GM food”.

What is Geneteically modified technique?

GM technology is, however, a process by which the required features are transferred from one living thing to another.

Genetically Modified Banana
Genetically Modified Banana

GM technology is, however, a process by which the required features are transferred from one living thing to another, and this is exactly what scientists are doing today. Even now, scientific advances have brought them to the point where they have been able to transfer the properties of one organism to another organism, whether it be plant or animal. But the difficulty is that scientists have not yet been able to predict when this process will take place when a new or altered organism moves into the external environment. And this is the most important and important issue. It is also important to mention here that this is not a traditional method of genetics. Adopting this method means creating a new or living creature that did not exist on this sphere.

Why producing “Genetically Modified crops” is so important?

The dangers contained in it have already been debated, but is it an adventure and is it wise to risk it. If we forget about the benefits or disadvantages of talking about diet alone, then the question arises why producing “GM food” is so important. What is the evil that Allah has created in the form of food, fruits, or vegetables? At the moment, the problem in the world is more about fair distribution than food production. The motivation for international companies to insist is not a moral justification, but a mere economic benefit. That’s why these companies emphasize “GM food” But on the other hand research on animals has not only negated these payments but has raised many more concerns. However, its effects on humans have not yet been tested. It would not be exaggerated to say that the discussion so far is based only on ideas, ideas and beliefs and that scientific methodology is not intended.

Developing countries and “Genetically Modified Crops”.

All developing countries have only allowed it on a limited scale. And there are also instructions that no food can be guaranteed to be safe (as we have instructions on a cigarette packet). Similarly, the effects on the environment could not be ascertained. It is important that the method adopted for the research of pharmaceuticals be adopted for the research of “GM food” which makes it clear that the food is safe or unsafe for us.

Biotech companies are boasting that there is no danger to the environment, health and fishery. He claims that with the help of this technology, he is helping the crop with diseases and pests so that at least the agricultural products (poisons) have to be sprayed. They also say that with this method they will be able to achieve maximum agricultural output and thus eliminate world hunger. Both of these claims are controversial because.

Genetically modified corn
Genetically modified corn

America and “Genetically Modified Crops”.

1- America In his research, which collected data from the experiments of farmers who are producing GM crops, not only did the farmers’ production remain extremely low, they also had to spray a considerable amount of poison. Even though many farmers have already started spraying the same quantity, it is still unclear why they had to do so. It may be understood in this way that it is very difficult to choose a spray to keep wide-ranging crops free from herbicides because it is important to take into consideration that spraying herbs. So, but widespread crops are safe. GM technology creates resistance against spray in the crop, so that the crops are protected from the harm of the spray but the herbs are destroyed. Here an important question arises whether we can avoid spraying after doing all this

Hunger and “GM Crops”.

Likewise, it is difficult to believe that the GM commodities are meant to feed the hungry of the world and to counteract the growing population of the world. It is thrown into the sea without being used. Which means that the real problem is not about food production but distribution and poverty and hunger are very difficult to link with food production. Can be linked to According to the International Organization for Food Health, there is a lot of food in the world, but distribution and production are in the hands of those who are struggling to make more money from starvation. Almost all of the world’s welfare systems are convinced that the use of GM crops in developing countries will lead to further deterioration of the situation.

Genetically modified cotton
Genetically modified cotton

Effects of Genetically modified crops :

In addition, it is also a file of personal likes and dislikes. Is it not right for us to eat what we want to eat? In developed countries, no one likes to buy food from a market where GM food is available, nor does it like to eat food in a place where GM food is cooked. Foods grown without chemical fertilizers and agricultural drugs, on the other hand, are highly regarded despite being expensive. Another information about GM food appropriate information is whether seed companies will explain to farmers and users the benefits and disadvantages of GM crops and food. And then, after the war in Iraq, it is very difficult to say what is being said now. It is difficult to believe what is being said.

After the war in Iraq, it is very difficult to say what is being said now, to believe in what is being said.

Future Of Genetically Modified Crops:

Another difficulty is the separation of GM crops from other crops, as the properties produced in GM crops can be easily transferred to herbicides in any other crop. It has not yet been decided who will be responsible if such effects are transferred to other plants. Farmer or seed production company? However, badge companies have already refused to accept any such responsibility. In the developed countries where the crop insurance system is practiced, all insurance companies have completely refused to insure such crops in view of GM risks. Perhaps this is because an estimated 11 percent of American farmers have been harmed by the transfer of GM traits. Has grown such crops as GM technology Will not be protected from adverse effects. However, in a country like Pakistan, it can also form an epidemic. Not only farmers who grow crops naturally, but also farmers who grow GM crops, other natural crops on their farm may be affected.

The most important question is what will happen if all of this does not meet our expectations. And what will happen if the transfer of features starts once and can it be lost or eliminated? As in the United States, the resistant properties of the herbs are now transitioning to herbs that are producing super weeds . Such herbs will not be able to cope with existing poisons.

All this process will benefit only one and only party that produces GM badges. Since these seeds cannot be stored for future use, they will have no choice but to use these companies. Buy the badges and let them live in the wilderness. In this way agriculture of the entire world will come to the mercy of the American, sooner or later. Because most of the companies that produce GM badges are American.

Say No to GM Crops
Say No to GM Crops


However, our decision today can affect the generations to come. We must be fully convinced before taking any steps. We must avoid the dangers of GM crops and food. Especially when we have an integrated and complete agricultural system that is already providing the best food despite all its weaknesses, the food that is being shown to us in regards to the green garden GM diet. Naturally grown crops provide us with a chemical-free diet, the best environment, animal well-being, as well as healthy and natural growth. In addition, organic crops provide us with the best quality products besides guaranteeing the best future, which is essential for a healthy society.

However, there is no good in producing GM crops. GM crops are like opening up to unnecessary risks. Such crops can have very detrimental effects on health and the environment.


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