Prune is a healthy fruit having a couple of health benefits. Prunes are also called as (dried plums or sookha aalobukhaara) in Hindi. The Prunes meaning in Urdu: (آلو بخارا – aalo bukhara). The juice of prune is made from dried plums or prunes. It contains a number of nutrients that help maintain good health. Prunes are a good source of energy. They are also good for sugar patient because it does not raise the sugar level.


Dried Plums(Prunes)
Dried Plums(Prunes)

Following are the 10 Health Benefits of Prunes:

1-Anti Oxidant:

The first and one of the most important health benefits of prunes is its antioxidant properties. As we know that the oxidants are harmful to our body. Prunes contain the antioxidant property which helps our body to remove oxidants and [rotect it from the harmful effects and make it healthy.

2-Good source of Vitamins:

Prunes do not only contain iron, potassium and magnesium. They are also a good source of vitamins. Especially Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin k and riboflavins.

3-Natural Laxative(Prunes juice for constipation):

Prunes are also served as a natural laxative because it contains a good amount of fibres. As we all know that constipation is a big problem in both adults and children. Prunes juice is good for constipation and helps to control it because of its sorbitol content. 


Consult your doctor before taking the prunes to check either it is good for you or not.


4-Lower Cholesterol:

The high amount of cholesterol in the blood is harmful to the body and cause the formation of Plaque in vessels. Due to the formation of this plaque, we can face severe diseases like arteriosclerosis and heart attack. Prune helps lower the blood cholesterol level and maintain it to a normal level. This is due to the presence of soluble fibres in it.

5-Improve Bone health:

Dried Plums contain several minerals which are good for our bone. It provides strength to our bones and helps it to fight against many bone diseases. It is a major health benefit of prunes. 

6-Normalise the blood sugar:

Prune juice contains highly digestive sugars which can be braked easily. So, it helps maintain and normalise the blood sugar level. That is why it is also good for Sugar patients.


7-Prevents the overeating:

Prunes contain a magical power that helps the person for weight loss. After eating the prunes our body does not feel more hunger. But eating too many prunes is harmful to our body. They also raise our body weight instead of losing it.

8-Assists iron absorption:

The proper absorption of iron is very much critical in our body. Because iron is the main constituent of our blood cells and also our bones. Prunes are helpful in the digestion of iron in our body.

9-Disease protection:

The major health benefits of Prunes include disease protection. Due to its antioxidant property, the prunes provide immunity to the body against several diseases. Taking 2-3 prunes in our daily diet keeps the doctor away.

Prune juice Health benefits of Prunes
Prune juice Health Benefits of Prunes

10-Prune juice for baby:

Prune juice is very good for babies because it provides them with the immunity, bone strength, disease protection and above all helps to prevent constipation. This juice contains sorbitol and a sweetener that acts as a laxative in the body.


How Many prunes a Day?

Excess of Everything is bad. We have to take everything in an adequate amount for better results. An adult must take 40-50 grams or 3-4 prunes per day more than that is harmful. 

Health benefits of Prunes
Health Benefits of Prunes

Eating Prunes at Night:

There is a harmful effect of eating the prunes at night. It may cause digestive upset, weight gain and several health issues.


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