As we know that the agricultural is a multibillion dollars industry. It constitutes about 20.1% of Pakistan economy. There are number of occupations in the field of agriculture beyond being a farmer. The agricultural industry includes the production, processing, retail and wholesale trade of agricultural goods. Following are the top 10 paying jobs in Agriculture.

These high paying jobs are high paying for a reason. They required high quality of skills, experience and advanced and high education.

Money in Agriculture
Money in Agriculture

1-Agricultural Lawyer:

The agricultural lawyer is the highest paying job in the field of agriculture. These lawyers handle the cases of agricultural infrastructures, agriculture labor, land use, water and environmental issues, pesticide use and seed issues, insurance and intellectual property. Their jobs are although stressful and hard but if you have interest in helping the environment and fighting for the people rights than this is best job for you. This job has a never-ending scope. So, what are you waiting for? Why not become an agricultural lawyer.

Average annual salary of Agricultural Lawyer: 100-150 Million Rs.

2-Agricultural Economist:

If you have interest in economy, then this is the best job for you. The agricultural economist has to analysis the market trends of agricultural products and commodities. They can also predict the trend of market based on this analysed data.Agricultural economist also work as bussiness advisors and consultants. They deal with each and every aspect of the agricultural market.

So, that is why it is the no 2 among the top 10 paying jobs in Agriculture.

Average annual salary Agricultural Economits: 130-140 Million Rs.


Biochemistry is the branch of science that deals with the study of biology and chemistry of living organisms to benefit the mankind. In the field of agriculture the biochemist worked to develop the fast growing, high yielding  and  disease, insect, pest and drought resistant varieties. Agricultural industries hire biochemist to evaluate, develop and discover the market products to improve the production of agricultural products to improve the animals and human health.

Average annual salary of Biochemist: 100-110 Million Rs.

Genetic Modification
Genetic Modification

4. Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineer study the different sciences like biology, chemistry, soil sciences, metallurgy combines with the principals of engineering to solve the environmental problems. These Environmental engineers combine the knowledge of different fields to protect the soil and environment from the future damage. Environmental engineer must have any degree related with the engineering to do his job.

Average annual salary of Enviormental Engineer: 100 Million Rs.

5-Bioinformatics Scientist:

Bioinformatics Scientist use the knowledge of computer to analyze, store and interoperate the genetic information. As we know that there is huge diversity of animals and plants and they are difficult to manage. The bioinformatics scientist uses the computer science and technology they make an effective way to manage the biodiversity. They use automated methods to interpret and manage data more quickly.

Average annual salary of Bioinformatics Scientist: 90-100 Million Rs.

6. Agronomy Sales Manager:

 Agronomy Sales Manager are the one of the main drivers of the agriculture industry. They travel to different places train the team and help the farmers to solve their problems. Sometimes they also sell and promote the agriculture related products. There main goal is to marketed and sales the products.

Due to this diverse work it is ranked on number 6 among the 10 highest paying jobs in Agriculture.

Average annual salary of Agronomy Sales Manager : 90-100 Million Rs.

Girl picking flower in Agriculture Field
Girl picking flower in Agriculture Field

7-Agricultural engineer:

If you like the machinery and wanted that the machine helps the people than this is the best job for you. Agricultural Engineering is the area of engineering that deals with the construction and designing of farming machinery and equipment. Agricultural engineer developed the machinery and equipment’s to help the farmer in sowing, harvesting. Intercluding, hoeing irrigation and performing a number of operations.

Average annual salary of Agriculture Engineer : 70 Million Rs.

8. Food Scientist:

Food scientist do research to create diversity in food or enhance food quality for safety of public. Food scientist work for the food quality enhancement and post-harvest management of food. They also add the nutritional value in the food to make it more delicious and nutritious. Food scientist also work on the Food security to provide excess of food in access of everyone.

Average annual salary of Food Scientist : 40-50 Million Rs.

Food comodities
Food commodities

9-Animal Geneticist:

The study of animal’s gene and DNA is called as Animal Genetics. They observe the genetic makeup of different animals and analyze them to produce high yielding varieties. Animal Geneticist breed the top producing varieties with each other to get more benefit. They also study the genes to check the genetic problems.

Average annual salary of Animal Geneticist : 30-40 Million Rs.

10. Agricultural Operations Manager:

Agricultural Manager work is not just like farm manager. They maintain the agribusiness including manufacturing and milling of grains. The duty of agricultural operations manager is to plan and supervise the farm  or some time participate in the farm work.
Average annual salary of Agricultural operations Manager : 30 Million Rs.


So, This is the list of Top 10 paying jobs in Agriculture. What are you waiting for choose one of them according to your intrest and taste.


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