Sesbania bispinosa L. is an annual fodder which is also called Jantar in Urdu. However, it is called Dhaincha, dhanchi in Punjabi. It is the fast-growing fodder. The goats like this fodder because it is highly nutritious.

Sesbania Flower
Yellow Sesbania Flower


  • It is an annual shrub with its fibrous and pithy stem
  • The highet of the plant is approximately 1-2 m (up to 7 m).
  • The leaves are long and narrow.
  • It has purple-spotted yellow colour flower.

Importance of Sesbania:

  • Sesbania is use in industrial hemp for rope, fishnets, sackcloth
    and sailcloth.
  • Its fibers area unit like those of birch trees and show promise as a supply of paper fiber.
  • Livestock used its foliage as fodder.
  • Sesbania beans can be fed to fowl.
  • The natural gum from the plant is useful as a thickening agent.
  • It Improves the soil via nitrogen fixation & green manuring.
  • It makes a good firewood
  • Its beans were historically used in poultices (a soft,
    moist mass of fabric, typically consisting of bran, flour, herbs, etc.,
    applied to the body to alleviate soreness and inflammation and unbroken ina place with a cloth) to treat ringworm and other skin problems.
Sesbania Plant
A Sesbania Plant

Origin & Adaptations:

  • It is native to Asia and North Africa,
  • In Addition most common in tropical Africa (noxious weed)
  • In America, it is not native. But introduced afterwards.
  • It can grow on saline soil.
  • Similarly, it is Adapted to wet, heavy soil.

Soil Requirment:

  • It grows well in loose sands to heavy clays
  • Tolerates:
  • Can tolerate Saline soils (1.0% salt concentration in the seedling stage to1.4% at maturity)
  • Therefore it can tolerate Alkaline soils (pH <10) and Acidic soils.
  • Above all, It can also tolerate water-logging and flooding.
Beans of sesbania
Beans of Sesbania


  • It requires 1-2 Ploughings and 1 planking.


  • It requires 15 25 – (NPK) Kg Ha-1 fertilizer.


  • March to July
  • Normally the seeds are broadcasted.
  • Seed Rate is 50 kg ha-1.


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